Port O’Connor Shark Fishing

Port O'Connor Shark Fishing Sharks move into the Port O’Connor Beachfront in June and stick around until October. Blacktip, spinner, bull and occasionally tiger sharks are most common out of POC.

Blacktips and spinners are the most common and we catch them over a hundred pounds routinely on relatively light tackle. Spinner sharks are the sportiest and most acrobatic of the nearshore sharks. They will peel off a couple hundred yards of line in a run and make big, exciting jumps.

Shark fishing out of Port O’Connor can be just what the doctor ordered for someone wanting to get their string pulled in a big, big way. An average battle with a shark on my tackle is around fifteen action packed minutes. We catch them on natural baits and artificial baits as well.

A shark trip is a good chance to bring a landlover because they get the chance to experience some powerful offshore fishing without ever leaving sight of land.